They are the founders and senior level executives of privately held companies ranging from startups to over $200M in revenue working with me individually or receiving team coaching services; current and former executives from Santander, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Caterpillar, Meta (formerly Facebook), Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and GE; executive and leadership coaches; and medical professionals and lawyers at the top of their field.

Since we started working together, they

  • Gained enormous clarity about their true desires and goals, turning more ideas into action
  • Found a renewed sense of purpose and energy
  • Crushed self doubt and impostor syndrome
  • Eliminated procrastination from their lives
  • Uncovered perspectives leading them to achieve 12-month goals in 12 weeks
  • Drew interest in multi-million-dollar investments from strategic partners
  • Negotiated multi-million-dollar compensation packages – multiples above their initial ask
  • Got dream jobs that seemed out of reach
  • Became more successful, empowered and engaged

Paula Ferrari

Co-Founder & CEO, Go Global

Working with Alex has been a transformative experience. His guidance has not only helped me gain confidence but also led me to discover and understand my zone of genius. As an experienced executive with financial background, Alex brings practical knowledge and tactical expertise to his coaching. His support and insights have made a profound impact on my personal and professional growth. Thank you, Alex, for helping me unlock my true potential and find pleasure in my journey!

Jose Luis

Jose Luis de Mora

Group Senior Executive Vice President, Santander

Working with Alex has helped me quickly change deep-rooted habits and limiting beliefs. This has resulted in more potent leadership, managerial performance, communication effectiveness and personal fulfillment. My ability to prioritize and execute in the context of a very demanding global agenda has also grown rapidly. In addition, Alex’s no-nonsense approach to coaching has enabled me to expand my problem-solving tool set by shifting from a strong focus on doing to a more balanced approach encompassing re-thinking my “being” as an engine for growth.

A man in a suit and tie smiling for the camera.

Francisco Arredondo, MD MPH

Founder & Chief Medical Officer, PozitIVF Fertility. Author, Medikalpreneur

Alex has helped me develop a healthy balance between executing all the small details of the enterprise we are building while never losing sight of the big picture - and making a big dream even bigger. He is assertive when I need it most, and his curiosity and intuition have provided invaluable insights. Alex tells you in no uncertain and very positive ways things you want to hear, as well as - and perhaps more importantly - the things you don't.


Luciano Tourn

Co-Founder & CEO, Wuru

Alex’s absolute commitment to the success of his clients clearly sets him apart. He will go the extra mile for you and do whatever is necessary for you to feel supported. As the founder of a fast-growing startup, I juggle many strategic initiatives at a time. Alex has helped me distill what is essential for the business while staying mentally and emotionally balanced and fulfilled. I am in the path to become much more focused and to lead my business with even more clarity and confidence than before we started working together.

A man in suit and tie smiling for the camera.

Sebastian Fontanarossa

Director of Sales & Marketing, Intercontinental Hotels Group

Alex's genuine belief in you makes it easy to get out of your comfort zone and explore. His coaching was instrumental in guiding my career transition. I gained more clarity and confidence to make bold choices, and he helped me uncover a higher gear in myself. Six months later, I'm back on track and doing my dream job. An amazing outcome.


Gabriel Garcia

Founder, Inner Circle Law

I cannot recommend Alex highly enough.  His empathetic approach coupled with his deep expertise in the realm of business makes him a standout in the field of executive coaching. From day one, he displayed a genuine commitment to understanding the unique challenges and aspirations taking place in my life and tailored his guidance to suit my individual needs. What sets Alex apart is his willingness to go above and beyond for his clients. He doesn’t just offer advice; he works alongside you, ensuring your success every step of the way. Thanks to his support and guidance, I’ve created a path forward for success in my professional life as well as developed a plan for instilling healthy habits into my workday. If you're looking for a coach who truly cares about your success and is dedicated to helping you reach your full potential, look no further than Alex.


Ben Omonira

M&A Consultant, Deloitte. Real Estate Investor.

Working with Alex has been transformative to say the least. His unique coaching approach has shown me that achieving my goals is not just about what I do, but who I am “being” at any given moment in time. Through thought-provoking questions and uniquely uplifting deep self-reflection, Alex helped me identify and overcome many invisible limiting beliefs, fostering a more expansive mindset. His no-nonsense style and curiosity have been instrumental in expanding my problem-solving toolkit. The most significant takeaway from my journey with Alex is a profound sense of ownership over my life. This shift in perspective has led to transformative changes both personally and professionally.

A woman holding two glasses of water in her hands.

Irina Iashvili

Life & Career Trainer / Coach

Alex is an extraordinary coach. His rich life experiences enable him to navigate even the most complex topics and he has an amazing ability to pose powerful questions and guide you to the heart of the problem in no time. In our coaching, he helped me explore out-of-the-box perspectives and actions that made a big difference. Alex showed up intelligent, caring, creative and very supportive throughout the whole coaching process.

A man in white shirt sitting next to book shelf.

Santiago Pereiro

Co-Founder & CEO, Cobbler Union

Alex knows exactly what keys to play to take you to your next level. He masterfully combines empathy and vulnerability with calling things by their name . His experience in life and business and his professionalism as a coach make him an essential ally for anyone who wants to make significant progress in their career and their life.

A man wearing sunglasses and standing in front of the golden gate bridge.

Carlos Rosso

CEO, Mr. Presta

Alex has provided invaluable support through his guidance and mentorship. He has been instrumental in setting up a positive framework to assist in the definition of goals. Furthermore, he has helped me to prioritize tasks in order to achieve such goals better. Beyond his mentorship, Alex is a great human being that is always seeking to help others

A woman in red shirt smiling for the camera.

Julianne Bosch

Author, Speaker, Professional Coach

Alex provides a unique coaching experience and approach to processing your life obstacles. I quote Nelson Mandela on Alex's style – “Si hablas a una persona en una lengua que entiende, las palabras irán a su cabeza. Si le hablas en su propia lengua, las palabras irán a su corazón.” Alex appreciates your journey and allows for a greater sense of purpose to be obtained. He is frank, provides clarity and executes a discipline to help you structure your goals. He is pragmatic and focused on getting the results you want, he assists you to see your heart.

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Sebastian Polacek

CEO, Cactus

Alex has proven to be a true guide, a source of clarity and simplicity, and he provides me with the ability to find order in a cluttered world. He has just the right approach to coaching and helping me find the things that matter most. His coaching gave me the clarity and confidence to redesign my company's business model in a manner that impacted both the bottom line and my life outside the company in a way I didn't think possible.

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Henry Queiro

CEO, On The Hudson

Alex has been instrumental in helping me find my purpose. Through his coaching, I have been able to focus and pursue those things that give me true fulfillment. I am currently working with Alex to align priorities, strategies, and accountability in order to achieve goals I wouldn't have dreamt of on my own.

A man with bald head and white hair.

George Heckel

President, PAMPCO

When Alex told me that he had started a professional coaching business, I immediately knew that he would be great at helping me with time management issues. His work exceeded my expectations in that he not only used traditional resources that proved effective but that he also brought philosophy to his work that he has developed over his many years in business. Through our discussions, I was able to see the bigger picture with greater clarity; I "upgraded" my mindset and started operating at a higher level.

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Amy Ginsburg

Career, Retirement and Mindset Coach

I always leave my coaching sessions with Alex, having learned something new. His reflections and insights consistently shed light on areas that are ripe for self-growth. Paired with his unique charm and years of business experience, his coaching has proven to be refreshing and impactful.

A man with glasses and a suit smiling.

Roger Frank

Capital Markets Entrepreneur

Alex is a terrific coach. He is deeply empathetic with an intuitive sense of when to listen, when to prod when to guide and when to leave space for exploration. He asks the right questions and helps navigate through both the joys and challenges of self-discovery. His experience in business and expertise with start-ups and young companies has taught him the need for self-honesty, reflection, adaptation, and flexibility.

A man in blue shirt and red tie smiling.

Doug Barth

Founder, Gatepoint Research

Alex is really special. He is effective and genuine, he generates your trust almost immediately and is clever enough to subtly - and quickly - get to the heart of whatever issue needs addressing.

A man with short hair and glasses smiling for the camera.

Marco Vargas Darville

Former CEO, Statkraft Chile

Alex has had a very successful career which gives him great perspective into your own professional development. What I didn't expect were the doors he opened to clarify and better connect with my personal goals. I reached out to Alex for coaching on a set of career objectives, but the end result was much bigger. He led me to develop very valuable and insightful action plans that are explicitly consistent with my personal values. His skills as a coach are a reflection of his deep empathy and the breadth of paths he has taken in life


Paola Lozano

Life Coach & Advisor

Alex has been a great coach for me. He has helped me transform my professional self as I transitioned from being an executive at my family’s business to starting up my own coaching practice. My work with Alex helps me look at issues from new, different, valuable perspectives and to be more self-confident when making important decisions.

A man with glasses and a suit jacket

Victor Zamora

Solutions Marketing Manager, ConvergeOne

Alex's coaching has provided me with tangible results using new strategies in my quest to rediscover purpose with revamped energy. He has allowed me to find and use tools to confront challenges that were limiting my potential. Coaching has been a refreshing pause in the rat race, a springboard to rediscover old goals and a way to create exciting new ones.

A man smiling for the camera in front of trees.

James Marlow

Founder, Clover Channel | Serial Entrepreneur

I am an entrepreneur with a variety of projects and ambitious personal and professional lives. Coaching with Alex has enhanced my decision-making process in both. I have been able to develop new tools to better understand how I feel about the choices I make. Alex has the wisdom, sensitivity, and business acumen I was looking for in my coach. He knows when to push when to challenge, and when to just be there and listen.