Is It Time To Upgrade Your Coaching Business Skills?

Only you know the answer. What I know is that there’s a substantial difference in terms of the mindset, knowledge and skill sets we need to be impactful coaches and those required to master the business of coaching. There’s a huge difference between selling, enrolling and creating clients. It is not just semantics. It’s a powerful distinction. 

If you want to maximize your impact as a coach…you not only need to stay in business. You need to thrive. 

This Is Not A Coaching Program

I have created a consulting program designed to multiply your coaching income. I will bring you deep into my “thought lab” and will share actionable perspectives. From Day 1. 

If you are just starting your coaching venture, struggling with your practice, or trying to figure out how to make your coaching business skills world class, we should talk.

Why Work With Me

I have built a substantial business over a relatively short period of time. Along the way, I made plenty of mistakes and wasted precious time and energy. My battle scars are fresh and so is my pulse on the market, my understanding of what clients really want and how to turn being “the new kid on the block” into an edge. My hands are still dirty and that plays to your advantage. 

I have invested over one hundred thousand dollars training and learning from the best coaches and hundreds of hours (including plenty of trial and error) in refining my own coaching business. I can guide you through the process of maximizing yours, making you a more effective and fulfilled coach by sharing my knowledge base. I can teach you the shortcuts - without cutting corners. And I can keep you accountable throughout the process.

If You Are Still Struggling With The Answers To

  • What is your client creation system…
  • What is your client creation process…
  • Who your ideal client is…
  • Why are you uniquely qualified to serve your clients powerfully…
  • How many people should I to talk to today to reach my annual coaching income goal…
  • How to define and explain your value proposition…
  • How to set and increase your coaching rates...

The Program

  • Eight live 1-1 sessions via Zoom
  • Plenty of tools and ideas you can start implementing from Day 1
  • Support via WhatsApp in between sessions
  • One-time $9,625 consulting fee

Enrolling just one new client should cover your full investment in the program. 

Ready to find out more?