My name is Alex Schecter. I empower remarkable people to make their most daring visions come together. I support them to be extraordinary at whatever they do, to kick-start anything they want to create and to follow through to the finish line. We have deep, no holds barred conversations that create insight and evoke transformation. I support them and I call their bullshit. I am their thinking partner, their coach, their truthteller and their trusted advisor.

I'm an explorer, a lifelong learner, and a rebel at heart. I left my home in Argentina at the age of 24 in pursuit of adventure and success. I created both. Today I find ways to go the extra mile for my clients and to pull all the stops to support them in making their most ambitious goals a reality.

I earned an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and had a rewarding corporate career. For almost two decades I was a trusted advisor to some of the most influential and sophisticated investors in the world, clients managing hundreds of billions of dollars. They relied on me for sharp insights, my ability to see things differently, and my unrelenting honesty. These days, as a coach, that’s exactly what my clients ask me for, and I continue to deliver. I see what they aren’t seeing and say what others aren’t saying.  And that is why I'm trusted with their most treasured goals and their deepest fears.

As the founder and a C-suite executive of four different startups I learned how to be courageous in uncertain circumstances and how to trust my gut. I swam against the tide, I experienced wins and defeat, and I learned how to live at ease with both. Along the way, I've faced deep fear, and I've had to make impossible personal choices. Through it all, I have mastered the craft of understanding the essence of people and complex problems, to get to the point and to stay committed to what matters most.

I live in New Jersey with my wife, we raised three wonderful children and we enjoy the unwavering company of our dog Mila and our cat Luna. I split my coaching time between New York, Madrid and London, I retired my corporate suits a while ago, and I only work with clients who are happy to see me wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

When you are ready to achieve extraordinary results, let’s have a conversation.

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